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13 Easy Tips To Remove Negative Energy from Home

Negative energy in the home can have negative impacts on our lives and lead to negative emotions and behaviors, as well as difficulties in achieving our goals and maintaining harmony with others. It is important to remove this negativity in order to maintain positive energy and Vastu Doshas. Professional Vastu experts and astrologers can provide guidance on how to eliminate negative energy and improve the energy in the home.

Here are Ten easy tips for remove negative energy from your home:

  1. Clean and declutter regularly: A cluttered and dirty space can contribute to negative energy, so it’s important to keep your home clean and organized. Take the time to declutter and get rid of items that no longer serve you or bring you joy.
  2. Use plants to purify the air: Certain plants are believed to have the ability to purify the air and absorb negative energy. Some options include bamboo, aloe vera, and snake plants.
  3. Use essential oils: Essential oils such as lavender, frankincense, and sage have uplifting and purifying properties that can help to clear negative energy. You can use them in diffusers or mix them with water to create a natural air freshener.
  4. Bring in positive energy with crystals: Crystals such as amethyst, selenite, and black tourmaline are believed to have the ability to absorb negative energy and emit positive vibes. Place them around your home or carry them with you to help deflect negativity.
  5. Use sound to clear the energy: Sound is a powerful tool for shifting the energy in a space. You can use singing bowls, bells, or even your own voice to create positive vibrations and clear out negative energy.
  6. Open the windows: Fresh air and natural light can help to lift the energy in a space. Take a few minutes each day to open the windows and let in some fresh air.
  7. Set intentions: Take a few minutes each day to set positive intentions for your home and the people who live there. This can help to create a more positive and welcoming energy in the space.
  8. Practice mindfulness: Taking the time to focus on the present moment and clear your mind can help to shift the energy in your home. Consider incorporating mindfulness practices such as meditation or yoga into your daily routine.
  9. Use white sage to smudge: Smudging is the practice of burning certain herbs, such as white sage, to purify and cleanse a space. Light the sage and walk around your home, wafting the smoke into the corners and around doorways to clear out any negative energy.
  10. Use positive affirmations: Words have power, and repeating positive affirmations can help to shift the energy in your home. Consider placing affirmations around your home or using them as part of your daily meditation or mindfulness practice.
  11. Hang crystals in the windows: Crystals can be used to absorb and deflect negative energy, and hanging them in your windows can help to keep unwanted vibes out of your home.
  12. Use natural light: Natural light has a positive and uplifting effect on the energy in a space. Make sure to open the curtains and let in as much natural light as possible.
  13. Use color to shift the energy: Different colors are believed to have different energies and associations. Using colors that bring a sense of calm and balance, such as soft greens and blues, can help to create a positive energy in your home.