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Dr. Saanvi Sharma creates forecasts for every zodiac sign monthly based on your sun sign and moon sign. Find out if the changing energy presents any new opportunities, if this month is the time to start a business or journey, or if you should be questioning important motives of current relationships.

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«Behold the magic meaning of the cards! These are my tarot readings for you!»

Here at soulful journey, my main focus is helping diviners like yourself use Tarot to improve your love life, get clarity in your relationships and make more money in your business. I keep the focus around here on predictive Tarot, and learning the type of reading skills which you will use in your everyday life.

Your Personal Tarot Reading

You can now benefit from extensive analysis from Dr.Saanvi Sharma. I will put all my professionalism and talents at your service to provide you with exhaustive and totally personal analysis of your current situation, as well as give you 100% Accurate Future Predictions And Professional Advice to help resolve just about any situation you face.

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Soulful Journey offers tarot reading counseling and Reiki energy healing to help clients reach their greatest potential. By understanding the blockages that energy cycles play in their lives, clients are empowered to make better decisions resulting in more rewarding and fulfilling lives.
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What is Twin Flame Connection

A twin flame is an incredibly intense soul connection. A more apt description of a twin flame is a “mirror soul” or a person’s “other half.” Twin flame journey is a very intense and challenging journey.

What is an Indigo Child?

Indigo children possess special, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities.

What are Soulmates?

A soul connection is when two people feel they are linked on a soul level in a significant or extraordinary way.

What is Sun Sign?

Your Sun sign is always determined by your date of birth. As a general rule, the signs are divided up as this: Aries: Spring equinox (21 March) to 19 April Taurus: 20 April to 20 May Gemini: 21…